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Creative Tailgating Ideas

Any Crafty Tailgaters Out There? If you are creative there are hundreds of ways to spruce up your tailgating party.  There are all types of team logo fabrics available now, for the NCAA, NFL, and NBA, etc…  You can make fantastic table cloths, aprons, decorations, stadium blankets, and much more.  Hancock Fabrics has a great selection […]


New Bag Policy at NFL Stadiums

The NFL has adopted a new policy on what type of bags you can take to the game. You can either take in:


History of the Foam Finger

The idea for the foam finger came from Geral Fauss, a high school industrial arts teacher who also loved sports. Geral taught at Cypress Fairbanks High School in Cypress, Texas. In 1978 the high school football team made it to the state finals and Geral wanted to find a way to support the team and […]


Stadium Seat Reviews

  If I’m going to a game I don’t leave home without my stadium seat.  I don’t know if you’re like me but, I like to have some back support when I’m watching games. The 3 seats shown here are reviewed below. First is the Stadium Seat by Travel Chair. The advantage of this seat is […]