“Tailgate” Officially Makes It

In 1962 the folks at Merriam Webster decided that tailgating was so popular that they needed to add the sports related definition to their dictionary:

Tailgate, adjective.  Definition: relating to or being a picnic set up on the tailgate especially of a pick-up.  Merriam Webster 1962

It was official and there was no turning back.  Tailgating would go on to become one of the country’s most popular ways to spend time for all kinds of sporting events.  What’s your favorite tailgating memory?  Let us know in the comments.


The Original Tailgaters

The First TailgatersHow did tailgating begin?  The most popular theory seems to be that the first actual tailgating before a football game happened in 1869 before the Princeton and Rutgers game.   Fans traveled by horse-drawn carriage and grilled sausages before the game.   Another theory was that Yale alums were the first to start tailgating.  The story is that the fans had to travel by railcars and there wasn’t a chance to eat along the way so they brought their food and drinks to the game.

There are other schools that also claim that tailgating started at their games.  Where it started is up for debate but we’re just glad that someone started it and it continues to be a great tradition today.  Bring on the brats!

Where do you tailgate?

Best Games for Your Super Bowl Party

Football CandyIf you’re hosting a Super Bowl party you may want to have something for your guests to do at halftime or if the game gets too lopsided.  Here are some fun games to keep them entertained:

Guess the Stats:  Have your guests predict the half time or final score, rushing yards, number of touchdowns etc…  Give slips of paper to your guests before the game with the categories and give a gift to the winners.

Super Bowl Squares: Draw a 10 by 10 square grid. Write the numbers 0 to 9 across the side and top. Write one team name across the top and the other on the side.   Guests write their names on 1 or more squares depending on how many guests you may have.  At the end of the game take the last digit of each team’s score and the intersection of the two is the winner.

Footballs in the Jar:  Put candy footballs in a jar and have guests guess how many.  The winner gets the jar and the candy.

Flick Football Competition:   Purchase a small flick football set. Let each person try 3 times to make a field goal.  If there is tie, have a playoff.  The winner gets a prize.

Do you have any other ideas for your Super Bowl party?  Let us know in the comments and have a great party!


Who coined the term “tailgating?”


It seems the Green Bay Packers fans may have come up with the term “tailgating.”  During Green Bay’s first season in 1919 the fans would back their pick-up trucks around the field and sit on their tailgates to eat before and after the game. I bet they had no idea what they were starting. Thanks Packer Fans!

Photo credit: gilmorec via photopin cc

The Earliest Sports Fans

The First Sports Fans

I came, I saw, I tailgated.

Imagine it’s oh, 75 BC or so, and you’ve got nothing to do on a Saturday, so you wander over to  the Coliseum to check out what is going on.  They’re having a chariot race so you and your friends stay and watch.  Then afterward Caesar decides to open up the Coliseum and invite everyone to enjoy  food, drink, and entertainment.  You have just participated in the first tailgating event out of the back of a chariot.

Since keeping stats and recording history is sketchy once you go back further than the invention of the printing press it is hard to determine exactly what happened that day, but some believe that it was Caesar who was the first to hold large sporting events and to tailgate.  Hail Caesar!  And thanks.  You started something really great.

If you’re hosting a game day party here’s a great book to get you going:Fan Fare: A Playbook of Great Recipes for Tailgating or Watching the Game at Home

Photo credit: comeondimon via photopin cc

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College Football – What I Like About You

The official start to the college football season is upon us and football junkies everywhere are giddy with anticipation.  I confess, I’m one of those nuts who loves the football season.  I don’t know what it is about the season, but I know I can’t wait each year.  Is it the rivalries, traditions, tailgating or the changing weather?  I’m not sure but it seems more exciting than the other sports seasons, (no offense.) 

The football experience is entertainment with a capital “E.”  It’s a game, show and party all rolled into one.  The games have great rivalries, strategies, plays, and the ups and downs of winning and losing.  The bands, mascots, and fans make for a great show, and awesome food, beverages, and friends make tailgating before and after the game a great party.  The people watching is also amazing.  You never know what you might see.

Why do you look forward to football season?  Let me know in the comments below.  See you in the stands!

History of the Foam Finger

The idea for the foam finger came from Geral Fauss, a high school industrial arts teacher who also loved sports. Geral taught at Cypress Fairbanks High School in Cypress, Texas. In 1978 the high school football team made it to the state finals and Geral wanted to find a way to support the team and raise funds for the school. The original fingers were made of wood and painted with a #1 in the school’s colors.

All of the finger signs sold out and Geral thought that other schools would like them as well. He started making the wood fingers for other schools and decided to quit his teaching job and go into business full time. His father joined him in the business and they wanted to design a better product that was not as heavy and safer to wave around in a stadium. They finally came up with polyurethane foam and the famous foam finger was born. The new foam fingers were ready in time for the 1979 Sugar Bowl between Alabama and Penn State.. The fingers business took off from there and now they can be found for just about all of the U.S. sports teams.

Hoosiers – Movie Review

Hoosiers Movie Review

Indiana and basketball.  Who can resist?   And who can resist cheering for the underdog.  What makes this movie so special is that it’s based on the true story of the 1954 Milan High School team, a team from an extremely small town in Indiana, and it includes great acting by Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper who won an Academy Award nomination for his role. 

 This one is on my top 10 sports movies list.

Check out Hoosiers


Prelude to Madness

March Madness is just around the corner and leading up to it are all of the conference tournaments.  If you can’t make it to one of the NCAA tournament games a conference game is a chance see some great college action post-season.  In some cases it may be a chance to play in the big dance for a team that may not have made it otherwise. 

Check out your conference’s website and find out the tournament venue and game times.  If you know ahead of time where the venue is you can sign up for email alerts from the arena and possibly get discounts or advance notice of ticket sales.  Here’s an example:   Big West Tournament at Honda Arena.