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College Traditions: What’s up with that Tree?

You know the tree I’m talking about. The quirky tree that dances around at the Stanford football games. I’ve always wondered why they have a tree as a mascot when they are the Stanford “Cardinal.” Right? The “Cardinal,” the color, not the bird has been their official mascot since 1975. Prior to that they were […]


The Original Tailgaters

How did tailgating begin?  The most popular theory seems to be that the first actual tailgating before a football game happened in 1869 before the Princeton and Rutgers game.   Fans traveled by horse-drawn carriage and grilled sausages before the game.   Another theory was that Yale alums were the first to start tailgating.  The story is […]


Who coined the term “tailgating?”

It seems the Green Bay Packers fans may have come up with the term “tailgating.”  During Green Bay’s first season in 1919 the fans would back their pick-up trucks around the field and sit on their tailgates to eat before and after the game. I bet they had no idea what they were starting. Thanks […]


The Earliest Sports Fans

Imagine it’s oh, 75 BC or so, and you’ve got nothing to do on a Saturday, so you wander over to  the Coliseum to check out what is going on.  They’re having a chariot race so you and your friends stay and watch.  Then afterward Caesar decides to open up the Coliseum and invite everyone […]


College Football – What I Like About You

The official start to the college football season is upon us and football junkies everywhere are giddy with anticipation.  I confess, I’m one of those nuts who loves the football season.  I don’t know what it is about the season, but I know I can’t wait each year.  Is it the rivalries, traditions, tailgating or […]